• Whole bean or ground...and why?
    If you have a decent coffee grinder, then whole bean would be the best preference. Why? Well, whole beans "last" much longer than ground coffee. This is due to surface area of the bean being much smaller. Ground coffee is best consumed within 72 hours of grinding. We recommend consuming it at least within a 30 day time window. Whole bean coffee is recommended to be consumed within 60 days.

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  • Why so many grind preferences?
    Many people should choose the "auto-drip" ground preference. Why? Many people have an auto-drip brewer. These are the coffee pots where you pour water in and it brews the coffee for you. Other grinds are unique to specific coffee hardware equipment.

  • Dark, medium-dark, or medium roast?
    Everyone is different about these preferences. Many beans have a standard of which "darkness" they like to be roasted. Most dark roasts are good for espresso, moka pots, or cold brews. Medium and medium-dark roasts are good for pour overs, drip brewers, or just any common brewing methods. Just remember, the darker you go, the less caffeine is in the bean.

  • Why do you have so many bean varieties?
    We believe in having a choice. Not everyone's pallet is the same. Some people prefer "fruitier" (lighter roast) coffees where others prefer "nutty" (medium roast) or "chocolatey" (dark roast) notes.

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  • What's the difference between a single origin (SO) and a blend?
    Single origin beans are from the same farm and the same growing location. For instance, our signature bean is from Guatemala. We use only one farm from a single lot (section of the farm) for our beans. A blend can be any combination of any bean from any farm/lot across any continent.

  • Suggestions on coffee brewers?
    We recommend anything that is SCA certified. We also have some brewers we trust that aren't SCA certified.
    *Keep in mind, this list contains all auto-drip coffee makers.*

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